Have you been paying CCI on your car loan?

Have you beenpaying CCI on your credit cards?

Have you been paying CCI on your mortgage?

If you take out a car on finance, there are usually lots of optional ‘extras’ that are added on. But were they all added with your consent? You could claim a refund if you were mis-sold products such as CCI, GAP insurance and mechanical breakdown insurance. Check your lease agreements and bank statements for any upfront or regular payments you weren’t intending to make.
Credit cards can be expensive at the best of times and the costs of owning one soon mount up if you’ve been unwittingly sold Account Cover Plus or Buyers & Shoppers Protection Insurance. It’s likely someone will have mentioned it to you in branch or over the phone but if you weren’t sure what you were agreeing to, you could be owed money. Check credit or store card statements to see if that’s the case.
Taking out a mortgage or loan always comes with a risk and advisors are more than happy to prey on your concerns by offering extra protection you simply don’t need. Products such as Personal Loan Cover, Mortgage Protection and Credit Protection shouldn’t be added without your prior knowledge or agreement. So, always check your contract, loan or bank statements to see if you’ve been paying more than you should.

What is Consumer Credit Insurance?

CCI is Consumer Credit Insurance. It is very expensive and usually of little to no value. CCI may have been added to your Loan, Mortgage or Credit Card without your knowledge or it could have even been mis-sold to you. You could be owed $1000’s in compensation.

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